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National Multi-Champion and Team Coach Dana Kanstul riding in the Saddleseat Discipline aboard her Andalusian stallion, Balitor.  

Professional trainer and Multi-National Champion, Dana Kanstul takes the reins as the official Technical Advisor and Coach for the Youth Division USA Chapter.


For over two decades, Kanstul has taken her leadership role as a professional trainer and competitive athlete through a committed and dedicated program garnering her as well as her students many National Championship Titles in various riding disciplines.  

Operating out of a private facility in Southern California, Kanstul will spearhead a training program focused on each youth athlete's goals, paying close attention to each horse's abilities alongside their equine partners.  Her philosophy of Natural Horsemanship is centered around Dressage as the foundation for all riding disciplines which include English Pleasure, Equitation, Western, Saddleseat, Huntseat, and Dressage.  

Aside from a very busy training operation and highly-involved show career, Kanstul is oftentimes seen aboard the University of Southern California's Mascot Trojan horse during college football season.  She is the first woman in USC's history to ride the mascot, as well as its first-ever female trainer in the university's long history.  

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