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F.T.E. is now accepting applications for the Developing Athletes Program USA Chapter

in both Adult and Youth Divisions in various riding disciplines.   To be considered, pls. fill out the form below.  



Dressage Youth Division USA Chapter

Rider:  Eloise N. Calloway

2016 SWSLA High Point Champion, Saddleseat Youth Division 

2016 Fiesta of the Spanish Horse High Point Champion, Western Pleasure Youth Division

2017 Andalusian World Cup Reserve Champion, Western Pleasure Junior Division

2017 Andalusian World Cup Champion, Hunt Seat Junior Division

2018 Markel/Cornerstone  High Point Champion Dressage Junior Division

2019 Burbank Showcase High Point Champion Dressage Junior Division

2011 Rainbow Royal Champion Andalusian Stallion

Horse: Robusto AF aka "Robbie" PRE Andalusian Gelding

(Kripton Seni II X Afrodita M Suey bred by Nancy Latta of Amandalusian Farms)


Riders: Eloise Nuyda Calloway, Faye N. Calloway

Horse: Centello H aka "Tayo" PRE Andalusian Stallion

(Ascencion X Hermosa D bred by Teri Meador of Herrardura Farms)

Mutli-Award winning AWC Champion Western, Dressage Suitability and Saddleseat

2018 CDS Los Angeles Chapter High Point Champion, Dressage Junior Division


Rider: Faye Nuyda Calloway

2016 Santa Barbara Nationals / National Champion, English Equitation Youth Division

2019 Burbank Showcase 3rd place Intro Level Dressage Junior Division

2019 Burbank Showcase 3rd place Dressage Suitability Junior Division 

2019 Burbank Showcase 1st place English Equitation Junior Division

Horse: Shamrock Mario O'Malley, Gyspy Vanner Gelding

(Dunbrody of Roscreigh X Celine D bred by Shamrock Farms)


Team Veterinarians:  Dr. Rachel Ostrom and Dr. Bradley Perdue

Team Farrier:  Hugo Fernandez

Team Saddle Sponsor:  Devoucoux Saddles Biarritz France

Team Athletic Fitness Trainer:  Erin Fukuda

Team Holistic Therapist:  Three Jewels Studio

Equine Biomechanics:  The Vert by Equla created by Dr. Hilary Clayton & Dominic Lombardi

We are seeking to build our dynamic team so please feel free to join our journey and fill out the form below: